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15 Small palm tree tattoo

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Tattoos can be as simple and you don’t have to overthink too much. You may think of tropical and you think of a parrot tattoo or maybe get something cute palm tree. There are plenty of ideas to inspire your next body art. Women and men are looking for ways and new fresh ideas to get and this article will have just that.

Here are 15 small palm ideas to help you get ready for your next tattoo appointment.

Palm tree wrist tattoo

1 . Simple tattoo to stand out with the roots as the tattoo is upside down.

2. This simple small tattoo idea for women or man.

3. Palm tree tattoo can be cute and single like this one.

4. This next design is done in full black

5. You can share a matching small palm tree tattoo with friends or family.

palm tree wrist tattoo

Ankle Small palm tree tattoo

6. Here is a cute way to get a ankle palm tree tattoo.

7. Simple and minimal touch is always a pleasure.

8. Here is a cute little design with two palm tree.

10. Minimalist water waves splashing on the tree

Small palm tree tattoo rib

11. This lovely cute tattoo can be cover up whenever you want. These may hurt a lot but they are worth the pain.

12. The cute ribs tattoo that will stand out.

13. Palm tree with wide leaves

14. This tattoo as lots of interesting background.

15. Small palm tree tattoos are some of my favorite to look at.

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