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Medium length layered hair

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There are a many types of hairstyles woman with short hair to medium hair can enjoy. Medium hairstyles is extremely popular among woman because of its versatility and it’s also most common hair length. Lots of woman rock the most amazing medium length hairstyles that is anything but average. I know if you are reading this then you may be looking for new style inspirations or want to cut your hair to medium.

Not a gallery but this list will help you when choosing the right hairstyle worth trying out.

Inverted bob and Highlights

Bob haircut are among the most common and trendy medium length cut hairstyle. Bob won’t be going anywhere soon and people putting new twist on them every day. Inverted bob are also called graduated bob have you heard the term before? Also what does it even mean? How are these any different from other bob?

The cutting technique is different than those used on other kind of bob. The nape section is trimmed so it has a curved look encircling a woman’s neck. The haircut is stacked, with really shortcut in the back mostly one inch. The inverted bob has a voluminous crown unlike the other bob cuts with flat crown. The sides are usually longer than the back but blend in very well even as it grow out. The side’s pieces fall in a forward direction. You can add texture and highlight to your bob such as balayage effect toad depth that looks really great. This is all the rage right now so getting this color technique would be awesome.

Medium length layered hair

Choosing a Medium length layered hair is a n excellent option for all woman .This haircut flattered all woman. If you have thick hair you can now enjoy the ease and lightness this haircut can brings. Woman with fine hair can also enjoy more volume and woman with curly hair can really play with their curls. Another benefit of layered haircut is how much more interesting it look than those with one level cut, sharper and more versatile.

A lot of woman have more fun with this because it really cut to shape your face. Frame facing hairstyle really and adding some curls to the ends can also add some romance to the style. If you don’t know which to choose try feathered layered mid length style. If you feels cared to try this is nice because you leave a little long and some short.

Highlights on Long Disconnected Bob

Another beauty of bob haircut is how it no longer has to be neat, yes back in the day maybe. These days bob haircuts are choppy, layered, and messy, with beautiful dye jobs. You could play around ombre which is popular right now or the faded-out highlights which is another version of it. With medium length hairstyle you can easily part your hair down the middle without it looking basic or boring. Use your hands to give it a little puff so it has a nice uneven look.

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