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5 List of Fashion Styles For you

5 List of Fashion Styles For you

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To feel confident and stylish at the same time when you wear your favorite clothes. Fashion makes us feel great and empowered. Some fashion makes us happy, fashion style that we like. Sometimes at a certain stage in life we may need a change of style or we still discovering what we like.

Kawaii fashion

Usually, these styles are so pretty and look cute. Women and girls wear these and the style is all about looking like a little girl. If you are into wearing cat ears, bright colors, and platform shoes then maybe you will love this fashion style.

Ethnic fashion style 

This is another popular fashion style for many people. It shows pride, their roots, and their stylish flare. Styles such as  Japanese Kimonos, Mexican peasant blouses, the African kanzu dress, and a lot more. Most of these styles carry bright colors that are totally eye catching.

Business casual


This style for women who are looking tailored but with a mix of relaxing looks. This look is cool enough to hang out with your friend and also go straight into an office meeting. You can choose a pair of denim pants with a short or long blazer top. This is a popular choice for the business working gal. If you are young or mature this will work so well for any age.

Stylish 90′ Grunge Fashion


Stylish grunge outfits like these on are some of the popular choices for modern women. People are turning these 80’s and 90’s look into a modern style. I think these styles are great for women who are not really into full grunge.

Sports Wear

Sportswear is one of the major growing outfits that we are wearing everywhere now. These outfits are no longer just for the gym or the fit. In earlier years these were only worn by sportspeople now a celebrity, influencers and all take over this trend. You can check out this cute sporty outfit on Amazon here.

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