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How To Wear Leather Leggings With Denim Jacket

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A lot of people wear leather jackets over denim pants such as slim jeans or mom jeans in fall, but you could also reverse this so that the leather is at the bottom as leggings, with a denim jacket over the top. While denim jackets are classy, easy to throw on, and comfy, his leather leggings are the perfect match for his denim jacket because they are daring and they give that hard-wearing look. If you are looking to wear your denim jacket with something that is not jeans (and do not want to wear a dress, too), try some faux leather pants.

How To Wear Leather Leggings With Denim Jacket

You might not think of pairing leather pants or leggings with a leather jacket, but the look works. It does not matter what colour your denim jacket is, just pick up a similar-washed pair of pants.

I like wearing my denim jacket all white, as this really makes any shade of blue jeans shine through and become the main piece in your outfit. I like this outfit as a dinner outfit; the block leopard heels and the low heels totally elevate a simple white shirt and denim jacket. A T-shirt and leggings is a classic look that is super practical as a summer outfit.

Classic How To Wear Leather Leggings With Denim Jacket

How To Wear Leather Leggings With Denim Jacket

You can opt for a classic relaxed look, pairing tan over black leather leggings with a graphic tee and denim jacket, or you can dress it up with a cute blouse and heels. Paired with leather leggings, the T-shirt gives you a cute, relaxed look, though you could also dress this pair up with a pair of pretty, slinky heels. They can be worn in a lot of ways, however, so it is well worth the investment as long as you know how to style it and wear it frequently enough.

There are plenty of tops that can be worn with leggings, which I am going to showcase below. Below, you will see a mix of my ideas + a few extra, super popular ways of wearing this hot item. While you are free to wear what the hell you want, and I totally support you and cheer you on; if you are not sure how to wear leather leggings, here are a few tips on what NOT to do in order to keep them looking as chic as possible. Check out the way I wore my faux leather leggings By pairing your leather leggings with stylish classics rather than other sexy, trending pieces, you balance the edginess out and make for a timeless, stylish outfit.

Buttoning up a white button-down shirt

You can also go simple, buttoning up a white button-down shirt all the way to make your leather leggings outfit look more dressed up, and, of course, some funky shoes will finish off the look. You can wear your white button down shirt with your leather leggings a few ways to get a variety of looks. We have given you a few image examples above, but the best way to make your fake leather leggings look professional is by pairing it with a white button down and a jacket.

Pair tube tops+ dress shirt

Pair tube tops with a good dress shirt (see above) or with a white button-down and a blazer (see below) to get that polished look. You can toss a purse over a casual T-shirt and some slouchy skinny jeans for a fall-ready look.

This makes it an easy staple to keep in your closet for those times you are looking to dress fast and get that easy-to-wear look. This outfit is still super comfortable and simple, but the faux leather gives it a little bit of rocker vibes, and makes everything else look extra intentional.

For a look you can wear just about everywhere, try adding the leather jacket on top of the plain shirt. We love how pairing leather leggings with a cropped jacket like the one on top of the jeans can lengthen the legs. Pair leather leggings with a denim shirt or an oversized jeans jacket for a classic, easy look.

How To Wear Leather Leggings With Denim Jacket

Add the Denim shirt to the mix Nothing looks more stylish than pairing a stylish pair of leather pants with a button-up denim shirt. A crisp white button-up shirt is a great way to contrast with a pair of black leather pants. Black on black looks amazing, or you can tone down the look by wearing taupe leather leggings with a taupe leather jacket, and wear the top in black below, breaking the tone. Try Leather Pants With A Leather Jacket Be bold and pair leather pants with a leather jacket to get that biker chic vibe, then throw in a big pair of sunnie boots to finish off the look.

How To Wear Leather Leggings With Denim Jacket

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Try wearing leather pants with a faux-fur coat Style A pair of leather pants with a fur coat can elevate your outfit. Of all types of womens winter coats, leather jackets provide that edgy feel, and wearing one is a good way to appear hardened and accomplished. If you ask me, you definitely need to invest in a pair of black faux leather leggings, which are a little high-waisted and will keep you looking and feeling your best. The great thing about mixing leather and denim is that the denim will tone down the leather leggings quite easily, so you do not feel like they are overpowering in your looks.

Graphic t-shirt

How To Wear Leather Leggings With Denim Jacket

You can always throw in a simple white shirt underneath your leather jacket, however, if you want to get really edgy, then a graphic shirt or vest will do just fine. You could easily go with a plain white shirt to keep things minimalist, or recreate the above look with a graphic t-shirt featuring bands.

Crop top with some leather leggings and denim jacket

You can pair your crop top with some leather leggings and denim jacket to get the look on – particularly if you are going out much, but the combo is perfect for an evening out as well. Go for a large button-up shirt to elevate the look and go with a pair of leather ankle boots or loafers. Shoes or boots that are as dark as your leggings in black, so you can make for a longer, leaner look.

White sneakers or boots

How To Wear Leather Leggings With Denim Jacket

Add a favorite pair of white sneakers or boots to finish off the look. A stripy sweater is a classic, and it is a great contrast against the fake leather look. I like the juxtaposition of tweed and Breton stripes against the faux leather; it is a great match for this autumn trend, but also pretty classic.

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