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Gorgeous Fall Nail Designs To Get

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There are many fall nails and some are just by colors, others embrace the whole season. Fall is such an interesting season and underestimated. When it comes to getting a manicure there are a lot of options. There are fall symbols such as maple leaves, Halloween theme, you can have ghost vamps and more.

Brown tone Nail with Maple leaf

I love the color combinations, it speaks of autumn and everything the season is about. The leaves have different colors that are totally pretty and right. The gold glitter accent on the nail is stunning too.

Orange Matte nails

The color and the style shape nails are perfect. The color of the pumpkin is amazing. Fall nail ideas like this one are fun. Two fingers are painted in matte orange and the other 3 nails are polish in creamy beige with Fall symbols. The symbols on the nails are pumpkin, wheat, maybe leaf and other dots. So if you want a design that embraces the season this is one that can be worn throughout.

Short Black and Orange Fall Nails

Dark nail polish are always welcome for this season throughout. It doesn’t have to be Halloween. So If you are a person who loves dark colors it’s your time to embrace them with this beautiful design idea. I want to include short nail design in this list as well as longer ones.

Halloween Theme Nail For fall

This nail represent the fall season with a more spooky theme. One nail glitter to had an accent touch, Orange nail with black bats, Scary pumpkin with black orange Ombre, Spider web with dark tip. The nail look fabulous and will go well with any Halloween or office.

Ghost Nails

This Halloween fall nail is beautiful and minimalist. These nails are quite elegant even thought they give the whole Halloween vibe. Clear base with white ghost painting and small black dots to create the eyes.

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