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Cheap designer bags look alike

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Many people are obsessed with designer bags. The problem is that they are often expensive, which leaves many shoppers looking for a cheaper alternative. Designer bag dupes or replicas have become popular because they offer the same design and quality as the authentic bag at a fraction of the price. But can you tell them apart?

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A few days ago, I was walking along the street when I saw a woman with a designer bag. She looked like she had just stepped out of an expensive store, so naturally, I wanted to know where she got it from. It turned out that her bag was actually fake and that all of its details were copied from the original, but the quality was not as good.

The prices vary depending on what style you’re looking for because some replica bags are more common than others in today’s market.

-How to spot the difference between a real and fake designer bag

-Look at the handles. Handles of real designer bags are usually made with a thicker, sturdier material than fake bags, which often have thin and barely visible lines that may fall off over time.

-Look at the zipper. The zippers on real designer bags are often made with a thicker, sturdier metal than fake bags, which may have thin lines or come undone over time.

-Look for logos and serial numbers. When you look closely at these details of an authentic bag from a designer like Louis Vuitton or Gucci, usually there will be small letters that make up the logo inside a circular design imprinted into the leather. If there is no embossing in this area, then it is likely not genuine

-Look at color shades and markings on the material: Fake materials can fade when they get wet as well as show signs of wear more quickly than real ones because cheaper fabrics don’t stand up to wear as long as higher quality materials do.

-Fake bags might have a thicker, rougher texture than real designer leathers do, or you can see the outlines of patches in place on the surface that won’t be found as often on authentic products

-You may also look for markings like “Made In” and country of origin printed somewhere on the bag, such as inside one of its pockets. If these are not present, then it is likely fake.

-Check the seams. The stitches on a real designer bag are usually more even and tight, while fake bags have messy stitching that may unravel over time.

-Check the locks by opening and closing them multiple times in order to make sure they work properly; sometimes, fake bags will close improperly due to low-quality hinges made with thin metal wire.

-Check out the stitching on the bag, too: it should be done in straight stitches all around without any loose ends or wrinkles.

-Examine the lining inside your likely faux handbag to see if there is a brand logo stamped into it – some designers put their logos onto both sides of a purse for authenticity’s sake – while others will only stamp one side so as not to wear down prematurely from use.


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